• Emoji Crochet: 15 Crafty Projects Emoting Attitude and Fun

    Emoji Crochet: 15 Crafty Projects Emoting Attitude and Fun
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    With the fast-paced growth of social media that spawned a world of instant messaging, it was only a matter of time before a faster, more immediate form of communication would emerge. Enter emojis, the tiny icons that are an inherent component of today's communication and media that's growing in size and use every day with people of all ages using them to express ideas, feelings, and attitudes in quick, short messages. Now, with the help of Charles Voth, a crochet and knitting professional, transferring these playful icons to clothing and other 3-dimensional crocheted items is a natural continuation of the emoji craze in our culture. Emoji Crochet will appeal to crocheters of all ages because each project captures the joy of the emoji trend while sending a personalized message. Among the diverse selection of projects, there are several grandparents will want to make for their grandchildren; ones that younger crocheters will want to make and collect; and plenty for any crafter looking to give the ideal gift to family or friends, The projects – ranging from blankets, mittens, and scarves to backpacks, earrings, and pillows -- will be appropriate for beginners and beyond

    ISBN: 9781940611723
    Author: VOTH, CHARLES
    Format: Paperback
    Publication date: 01/08/2017
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    Pages: 128
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