• Valle d'Itria: Style

    Valle d'Itria: Style
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    Technically, the Valle d'Itria is a corner of Southern Italy between the lands of Brindisi, Taranto and Bari. Yet, as anyone who visits can inform you, the Valle is not so much a physical space as an area whose presence overflows; it soars and plummets with the landscape, and entangles itself with the lives of its residents. It is a place that invites contemplation. A setting where the childish, the dreamlike, and the fantastical side of life is welcomed, disjointed from grimmer reality.

    But what makes the Valle d'Itria so unique? It is not just the conical roofs, the rounded forms, the blinding white of the limewash, the surreal impact of the meringue-like cupolas, or the magically interlocking limestone slabs. The residents' interiors convey a more subtle sense of place, with pastel-tinted plaster, rock-inspired details, and furniture plucked from older times and placed to conjure a memory, define a style or acquire a new charm. Valle d'Itria Style narrates the unfolding story of this pretty corner of Puglia, where so many have chosen to make their home. These interiors reflect the people of Puglia, their desires, and their dreams of pastimes, fantasies and freedom.

    • An ode to the idyllic, innocent beauty of the Valle d'Itria - the trulli, the olive trees, the red-tinged earth, the azure sky

    Text in English and Italian.

    214 colour photographs

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