• How to Take Great Photographs

    How to Take Great Photographs
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    Robert Hull introduces the powerful creative controls that DSLR cameras offersfrom exposure settings, to focusing controls, to metering, file format options, white balance, and moreproviding simple tips and strategies that will allow you to capture the image you have in mind, artfully. Next, he introduces scenes that the average photographer will encounter as he/she begins to capture the outdoors. Readers will learn how to shoot in fog and mist, create silhouettes, ensure sunrise and sunset pictures have color that sings, how to capture waterfalls, fireworks, and more. He also introduces the use of flash, explaining how to best use it to ensure sharp images, lighten too-dark shadows, and bring out the color of your subjects. In summary, readers will learn to identify a great subject and learn how to capture it in a way that makes viewers delve into the story behind the subject and scene.

    ISBN: 9781682030608
    Author: HULL, ROB
    Format: Paperback
    Publication date: 01/10/2016
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