• Peony: The Best Varieties For Your Garden

    Peony: The Best Varieties For Your Garden
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    With comprehensive cultivation advice, design information, and plant picks, this helpful guide to growing peonies is perfect for enthusiastic home gardeners and peony collectors.

    Peony features growing advice for one of the most beautiful and popular flowering plants. Enthusiastic home gardeners and peony collectors alike will learn the history of the plant, discover the different types of peonies available, and enjoy profiles of the best 194 varieties. Growing information includes details on climate, soil, light, planting, and water needs. Helpful lists detail the best peony varieties for specific needs, and a resource listing shares the best places to buy peonies and the best public gardens to see them in.

    David C. Michener is associate curator at the University of Michigan Matthaei Botanical Gardens and Nichols Arboretum in Ann Arbor, where he is overseeing the rejuvenation of the Peony Garden, the largest public collection of historic herbaceous peonies in North America.
    Carol A. Adelman and her husband own and operate Adelman Peony Gardens near Salem, Oregon, where they grow 484 varieties of peonies.

    225 colour photographs

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