• What the Hygge! An A-Z of Nordic Nonsense

    What the Hygge! An A-Z of Nordic Nonsense
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    There are 46 Inuit words for snow.
    There are 168 Nordic words for nonsense.
    Hygge is just one of them.

    hygge (n.)
    1) the Danish art of reaching a state of near catatonic cosiness by sitting around a fire in a knitted jumper and felt slippers, scoffing cookies, downing glygge, and (best of all) pretending to have special words for ordinary things.
    2) utter nonsense

    An example from this dictionary of the nonsensical:
    déja-vygge (n.)
    the sense that one has experienced exactly the same moment of cosy domestic hygge many times before and that there might, in fact, be more to life than this.

    • Hygge is hugge at the moment – and ripe for parody
    • A fun book to read and give away by Utter Knut

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