• Ghost Fleet: A Novel of the Next World War

    Ghost Fleet: A Novel of the Next World War
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    The United States, China, and Russia eye each other across a twenty-first century version of the Cold War, which suddenly heats up at sea, on land, in the air, in outer space, and in cyberspace. The fighting involves everything from stealthy robotic–drone strikes to old warships from the navy's "ghost fleet." Fighter pilots unleash a Pearl Harbor–style attack; American veterans become low-tech insurgents; teenage hackers battle in digital playgrounds; Silicon Valley billionaires mobilize for cyber-war; and a serial killer carries out her own vendetta. Ultimately, victory will depend on blending the lessons of the past with the weapons of the future.

    'Ghost Fleet' is a page-turning speculative thriller in the spirit of The Hunt for Red October. The debut novel by two leading experts on the cutting edge of national security, it is unique in that every trend and technology featured in the novel — no matter how sci-fi it may seem — is real, or could be soon.

    P. W. Singer is an expert on twenty-first-century warfare. His award-winning nonfiction books include New York Times bestseller Wired for War.

    August Cole is a writer and analyst specializing in national security issues, and a former defense industry reporter for the Wall Street Journal.

    "Ghost Fleet is a thrilling trip through a terrifyingly plausible tomorrow. This is not just an excellent book, but an excellent book by those who know what they are talking about. Prepare to lose some sleep." —D.B. Weiss, Writer and Executive Producer of HBO's Game of Thrones

    "I couldn’t put this one down. Reads like the very best of classic Tom Clancy, updated for the 21st century, persuasive in its detail, simultaneously thrilling and terrifying." —Phillip Meyer, author of The Son

    "Ghost Fleet is a page-turner filled with thrills and chills, but it is also more than that. Drawn from real world trends in cyber tech, intelligence, and defense, it offers a haunting glimpse into our future that you'll find hard to forget." —Nina Jacobson, Producer of The Hunger Games

    ISBN: 9780544705050
    Author: SINGER / COLE
    Format: Paperback
    Publication date: 01/07/2016
    RRP: $22.99
    Pages: 416
    Dimension: 203mm X 135mm
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