• Acrylic Expressions

    Acrylic Expressions
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    Finding and expressing personal themes throughout a variety of painting formats to create a consistent series of body of work.

    Personal symbols and motifs can be explored endlessly when there are a solid number of painting techniques to draw from. In this workshop approach, the reader will be encouraged to explore a chosen theme in as many forms as possible. After learning where to find inspiration (past experiences, memories, intentions, cultural themes, etc.) and how to develop a personal library of symbols, colours and marks, the reader will be guided through 15 techniques to use in her paintings and will also see two or three complete painting projects come together start-to-finish. Notebook Prompts will offer the reader ideas for developing her own new series, showing her how to collect ideas that reflect her personal voice.

    A love of design started Staci Swider (Aiken, SC, staciswider.com) in the textile design field before she switched to acrylics. In addition to painting and creating mixed-media sculptures, Staci is a frequent contributor to Cloth Paper Scissors and teaches artist workshops at retreats around the country.

    • Clear instruction for current painting approach favourites--negative painting and intuitive painting in the abstract style.
    • Explains how to develop a signature (limited) palette by drawing on personal associations and looking at the expressive qualities of colour.
    • Offers ideas for taking one theme (i.e., trees or birds) and applying the theme to a variety of compositional approaches (landscape, abstract, assorted size ratios, perspectives, etc.).

    ISBN: 9781440344480
    Author: SWIDER, STACIE
    Format: Paperback
    Publication date: 01/10/2016
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