• Stars of all Time

    Stars of all Time
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    Here are the best men's team players throughout soccer history

    'Stars of All Time' highlights both iconic pioneers of world soccer, including Pele, Johan Cruyff, and Maradona, and more recent all-star players, such as Messi and Ronaldo. Young readers will learn about where each player grew up, how he made it to the top, and what makes his playing style unique. Filled with facts and illustrations, showcasing the most exciting players of the past and present, this book will wow both the soccer novice and the passionate fan.

    AGES: 7 and up

    Illugi Jokulsson is a writer on sports based in Iceland.

    ISBN: 9780789212955
    Format: Hardcover
    Publication date: 01/06/2017
    RRP: $27.99
    Pages: 64
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