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    101 Shots
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    Forget what you think you know about shots from your college years. In '101 Shots', cocktail aficionado Kim Haasarud elevates the lowly shot to heights never seen before in this collection of recipes just as she's done with her other books including '101 Martinis' and '101 Margaritas'. For example, the Peach Fuzz Shooter, the Mini Bananas Foster, and the Archangel are made with fresh fruit purees. There are more traditional recipes as well, such as the Belfast Bomber made with Baileys and Irish whiskey dropped into a glass of Guinness, not to mention spicy offerings like the Yellow Sun Sangrita made with smoked paprika and Tabasco, and even savoury ones like the Caprese Shooter made with tomatoes, basil, salt, pepper and vodka, of course. What's perhaps best about shot recipes is that there is almost no occasion when they're not fun to serve and enjoy. With gelee shot recipes, too, this may be the last party cocktail book you'll ever need.

    ISBN: 9781118456736
    Author: HAASARUD, KIM
    Format: Hardcover
    Publication date: 01/05/2014
    RRP: $24.99
    Pages: 128
    Dimension: 250mm X 150mm
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