• 150 Best Desserts in a Jar

    150 Best Desserts in a Jar
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    Whether it's a bevelled antique jar picked up at a flea market, or that classic Mason jar saved at the back of a kitchen cupboard, all kinds of containers can become sparkling, creative and beautiful ways to prepare and serve divine desserts. These sublime recipes are single-serving treats, which makes them the perfect ending to a family meal or dinner party. They also make a great gift, staying fresh and travelling well -- perfect for making ahead.

    Jourdan has developed a wide array of recipes that are loads of fun to make -- everything from puddings and trifles to cobblers, pies and cakes. And because the jars allow for things like freezing or setting jellies in layers, the colours and textures are special.

    The "From the Fridge" (cold recipes) section includes favourite ingredients like fruit, chocolate, jelly and creams - resulting in such magical results as:
    •Cantaloupe and Raspberry Splash, Chocolate Pudding with Mint Sorbet, Brownie Frozen Delight, Coconut Cream Dream, Lemon Trifle, Cherry Berry Smoothie.

    The "Warm and Comforting" chapter includes custards, cakes and bread puddings such as:
    •Strawberry and Rhubarb Shortcake, Peach and Nutmeg Cobbler, Apple, Apricot and Vanilla Bread Pudding, Marble Chocolate Cake with Coffee Cream Sauce.

    The "Deliciously Different" chapter features innovative and inspired recipes for:
    •Banana and Bacon with Strawberry Swirl, Hot Mango and Cilantro in Jelly, Cardamom Frozen Fruit Salad, Fig and Goat Cheese Cake, Marshmallow Dream.

    Serving (and sometimes preparing) dessert is a great opportunity to get creative -- from funky to traditional. There is also information on choosing the right type of jar along with helpful baking tips and techniques, and the two dozen colour photographs provide inspiration for a unique dessert for any event.

    Andrea Jourdan spent 25 years in Europe honing her culinary skills in traditional and modern cuisine. She is the author of several previous cookbooks and runs a company that creates cooking content for international web platforms.

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