• Alberto Korda

    Alberto Korda
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    The PhotoBolsillo collection is once again looking towards Latin America to survey the works of Alberto Korda.

    The mythical Cuban photographer is much more than just the author of the iconic image of Che Guevara, and this volume shows some of his lesser known facets, such as his portraits of women and his underwater photography series. Korda is a paradigmatic exponent of a strategy that strives to revise the expressive language, and of a sincere life commitment to his historical circumstances, as Maria de los Angeles Pereira Perera reminds us in her prologue to the book.

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    ISBN: 9788416248162
    Author: KORDA, ALBERTO
    Format: Paperback
    Publication date: 01/03/2016
    RRP: $29.99
    Pages: 96
    Dimension: 180mm X 130mm
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