• 200 Best Smoothie Bowl Recipes

    200 Best Smoothie Bowl Recipes
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    Smoothie bowls are the perfect way to add fresh fruits, superfoods and proteins to everyday fare. Adding a smoothie bowl to morning routines guarantees a great start to the day and for lunch too. Smoothie bowls are thicker than regular smoothies - thick enough to eat with a spoon. These 200 recipes can be enjoyed anytime for a refreshing, filling and healthy meal or even a delicious dessert.

    Whether a smoothie bowl is packed with fruit, leafy greens, nuts or a base of coffee or tea, there is a recipe here perfectly suited for any occasion. The colours, textures and crunch are incredible and all sorts of delicious toppings can be added that will take a meal to a whole new level.

    Here's just a small sampling of the sumptuous smoothie bowl recipes:

    • Breakfast Smoothie Bowls
    Breakfast Harvest Bowl, Frosty French Toast, Breakfast Starter, Pear Pleaser,
    Sunrise Smoothie Bowl, Energy Buster, Peanut Butter Oat Bowl
    • Green Creations
    Clean Green Bowl, Blueberry Flaxseed Bowl, Strawberry Avocado Bowl, Green Zinger,
    Citrus Kale Bowl, Parsley Pear Bowl, Spinach Almond Bowl
    • Kid-Friendly Smoothie Bowls
    Almond Butter and Jelly Bowl, Berry Crunch, Nutella Banana Bowl, Peach Paradise,
    Mocha Smoothie Bowl, Grape Ape, Peanut Butter Cup
    • Anytime Smoothie Bowls
    Pistachio Vanilla Bowl, Pick-Me-Up Bowl, Watermelon Strawberry Bowl,
    Dreamsicle, Chocolate Cherry Bowl, Pumpkin Pie Bowl, Afternoon Delight

    These thick, creamy and delicious smoothie bowls will undoubtedly become a welcome addition for any family.

    Alison Lewis is a recipe developer, food and travel journalist, and a photographer. She is the author of '150 Best Grilled Cheese Sandwiches' and '400 Best Sandwich Recipes'.

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