• Aliens Among Us

    Aliens Among Us
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    If you had the opportunity to ask an extra-terrestrial questions, what would they be? What mysteries would you like to see declassified? Learn the true history of the Earth, from an alien's perspective, as author and channeller Barry Strohm communicates with and receives information from the spirit of an alien named Mou. Discover that aliens have the ability to communicate through psychic channelling and explain our deepest planetary mysteries. Unearth the real truth about Roswell, the Rendlesham Forest Lights, alien abductions, heaven, alien references in the Bible, types of extra-terrestrials, their effects on human development, and their influence on ancient structures (such as the Nazca Lines in Peru and the pyramids in Egypt). Find out the role played by the governments of the world in suppressing information about intergalactic visitors. The truth about aliens is not only out there, it's presented right here for you to explore!

    The author has a scientific background and currently owns and operates Golden Lane Antique Gallery in New Oxford, Pennsylvania. The gallery is known for antiques and a large spirit presence.

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    ISBN: 9780764350061
    Author: STROHM, BARRY
    Format: Hardcover
    Publication date: 01/07/2016
    RRP: $34.99
    Pages: 176
    Dimension: 228mm X 152mm
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