• 100 Words Every Fourth Grader Should Know

    100 Words Every Fourth Grader Should Know
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    '100 Words Every Fourth Grader Should Know', the latest book in the 100 Words series from the American Heritage Dictionaries, is an intriguing and useful exploration of the vocabulary that upper elementary students commonly encounter in their reading and on standardised tests—words ranging from accommodate to zest, with stops along the way at extraordinary, nimble, and tantalize. Each entry explains the word's pronunciation, offers one or more clear, concise definitions with brief example sentences, and illustrates more fully how the word is used by providing a longer quotation from a classic or contemporary work of children's literature.

    AGES: 8-11

    The Editors of the American Heritage Dictionaries are a team of professional lexicographers with advanced degrees in various scholarly fields. The editors familiarize themselves with the vocabulary in specific subject areas, collect materials on new developments and usage, and work with expert consultants to ensure that the content of their publications is as accurate and as up-todate as possible.

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    Publication date: 01/05/2014
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