• 500 Butterflies: From around the World

    500 Butterflies: From around the World
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    The perfect introduction to Lepidoptera in all their diversity.

    This handsome, well-illustrated guide features 514 butterflies from all continents, most of them photographed in their natural environment, sometimes with their caterpillars. Sales of 15,000 copies in hardcover is proof of its value.

    The butterflies are organised by genus, species and subspecies, and described in authoritative text including personal observations in the wild. Each entry is cross-referenced to the index and glossary.

    The description of each butterfly includes detailed information on:

    • Natural history
    • Habitat and distribution
    • Form
    • Behaviour
    • Food and feeding
    • Species variations and taxonomy
    • Reproduction
    • Survival.

    This beautiful book is a joy for the pictures alone, and it is also very informative and reveals the author's passion for this subject. This is a concise and attractive introduction to these fascinating insects and a useful resource for butterfly enthusiasts and naturalists of all ages.

    Ken Preston-Mafham is a photographer, naturalist, authority on Lepidoptera, and the author of many books on natural history.

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    ISBN: 9781770857124
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    Publication date: 01/04/2016
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